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Best Restaurants In Hyderabad For Food

Kuchipudi is the name of famous Indian classical dance that originates from the thrilling art forms of Andhra Pradesh culture and traditions. Its the true reflection of the Andhra culture and a tradition in the dance form that has the super fabulous Carnatic music. Katriya has named one of its three restaurants with the fame of Kuchipudi to explicitly reflect the respect for the value of dance art form in Andhra Pradesh. It is a simple presence of gratitude towards the culture and in charming more authentic guests to visit and feel the ambience of the restaurant to experience the true essence of Andhra.

Kuchipudi is a restaurant designed specifically to offer the favorites of authentic Telugu cuisine. Here the chefs create a delicious food court that brings the richness of the true spirit and culture of Andhra. The interiors are designed by utilizing the traditional ideas of dance forms through amazing antiques to give the true picture of Telugu. The hotel staff members are very humble and they make sure that each and every customer who visits restaurant feels precious in their presence. The attire of the staff in the restaurant also is amazingly superb with sparkling teluguness and its culture.

There are many restaurants in Hyderabad that offer lunch for vegetarian and non vegetarian people in the form of thalis and buffets. Thali is a specific plate meal that consists of one man size meal items in the quantity desired. There are many items in the thalis like White Rice, Puilhora, Sweet Rice, Kurma Curry, Dal, Wet Curry, Dry Curry, Fry items, Puri, Papad, Sambar, Rasam, Curd, and many more delicious items in a single plate decorated beautifully. Thali has a great appearance as it has colourful and delicious food items.
To have thali meals now and then in a restaurant is quiet interesting as the one who has enjoys the chance to taste different varieties of food items at one stretch.

Kuchipudi-FOR TRULY TELUGU TASTE is the theme of Katriya to offer the delicacies of Telugu cuisines in the more authentic way. The hotel has showered the concept of The Authentic Kuchipudi Thali for the travellers from all part of Andhra. The Thali is specifically designed for giving an awesome feast for vegetarians with different varieties of food items for just Rs. 135/-. The price of the thali is very reasonable and the most exciting part of this thali is a chance of change in menu items on day to day basis. It is a great idea for people from other states who want to taste the deliciousness of food in Andhra.

Why chose any other restaurant for your lunch? Just visit Kuchipudi restaurant for a delicious vegetarian food feast with a change in menu from day to day for more food offerings. Make time for your lunch at Kuchipudi restaurant and enjoy the taste of true Telugu cuisine. The hotel has the charm and elegance of attracting visitors through its gracious gratitude in receiving and serving the guests in a special way.
Plan for lunch at the restaurant and give a delicious gesture to yourself and your family.